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What property do I need to set so that the text near the cursor within a WPF textbox is always visible. I have to set the width of a one line textbox and once I type outside of the width I can't see what I'm typing I can set ScrollViewer.CanContentScroll = True but that makes the height increase, which is better than the former but I would prefer the text near the cursor to be visible like common WinForms textbox behavior.

Any ideas? I figured a WPF guru or maybe even novice could answer this question faster than it would take me to experiment/google

Thanks in advance

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The behavior you are describing should be how it operates by default. To test this I just created a TextBox...

<TextBox Width="50" Height="22" ></TextBox>

...began typing and the most recent character I typed is where the cursor was living and therefore what was visible.

Perhaps you have a style or something applied that is negating this default behavior.

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:) Thanks a lot, i did have a global style that was setting TextWrapping = WrapWithOverflow. – Jose Dec 10 '10 at 19:54

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