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My source and build tree looks like this (see Makefile to put object files from source files different directories into a single, separate directory?) after a make (which builds and runs FooAndBarTests):

- Foo.cpp
- Bar.cpp
- Foo.h
- Bar.h
- FooTest.cpp
- BarTest.cpp
- Main.cpp
- Makefile
- obj
  - Foo.gcda
  - Foo.gcno
  - Bar.gcda
  - Bar.gcno
- FooAndBarTests
- libUnitTest++.a
- src
  - ...

I can then produce .gcov files in the test directory by running gcov -o obj/ ../src/Foo.cpp and gcov -o obj/ ../src/Bar.cpp.

But if I run lcov -d obj/ -c -o FooAndBarTests.lcov I get:

Capturing coverage data from obj/
Found gcov version: 4.2.1
Scanning obj/ for .gcda files ...
Found 4 data files in obj/
Processing Foo.gcda
../src/Foo.cpp:cannot open source file
Processing FooTest.gcda
FooTest.cpp:cannot open source file
../inc/Foo.h:cannot open source file
../UnitTest++/src/Checks.h:cannot open source file

And then when I run genhtml FooAndBarTests.lcov I get:

Reading data file FooAndBarTests.lcov
Found 45 entries.
Found common filename prefix "/Users/dspitzer/FooAndBar/test"
Writing .css and .png files.
Generating output.
Processing file UnitTest++/src/Checks.h
genhtml: ERROR: cannot open /Users/dspitzer/FooAndBar/test/UnitTest++/src/Checks.h for reading!

How do I tell lcov and genhtml where the .cpp and .h files are?

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I don't know for sure but try using the -g option when compiling. It adds meta data for debugging purposes (including file paths and line numbers, I think). – sellibitze Dec 10 '10 at 21:34
I am already using the -g option when compiling. – Daryl Spitzer Dec 11 '10 at 0:11
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Use the -b option to lcov. The -b option specifies code base.

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Adding "-b ." to my lcov command-line (when run in the same directory where I did the make) did the trick. – Daryl Spitzer Dec 23 '10 at 20:58

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