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When I try to run paster shell example.ini, I run into:

connection failure: TLEngine(postgres://reddit/password@

followed by a laundry list of traceback.

At the end, I get:

FATAL: password authentication failed for user "reddit"

Would anyone be able to help me resolve this issue? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!

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The Reddit Setup Guide seems to be out of date or something. I had the exact same problem as you on two different machines.

Here's how I overcame it:

$ sudo su - postgresq
$ psql reddit
reddit=# CREATE USER reddit WITH PASSWORD 'password';

I looked in the example.ini file and reddit/password was the default username/password for the DB. At this point, if you re-run your command (paster shell example.ini), it should complete successfully.

Fair warning, there are more problems with this setup after you get past this point, but I haven't yet conquered those myself.

Best of luck, friend!

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