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I have a WIN2008 server with IIS7 that is running PLESK 9.5.2 and after installing Coldfusion 9, we are unable to access PLESK. It keeps asking for a username and password. After doing some research, I read that you should be able to resolve the issue by going to Start > All Programs > Parallels > PLESK > Plesk Reconfigurator and selecting Coldfusion under "Check component and folder permissions." However, Coldfusion is not even listed as an option.

Does anyone know how I can add it to the list? Hopefully someone else has run into this before and knows a solution...

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For anyone following this topic, this was an older issue from 2010 but as far as resolution: we did ultimately end up switching away from PLESK and eventually converted Coldfusion sites to PHP. No longer having this issue. See comment below about CF9 & PLESK –  kalpana3 Aug 28 '13 at 15:31

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CF9 wasn't supported on Plesk (Windows ver) until 10.1.0. See point 9 here in Release Notes.

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Thanks for the follow up. Issue is now resolved. –  kalpana3 Aug 28 '13 at 15:30

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