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I'm trying to get the tests for my rails app to run, but it keeps giving me the following errors:

Unable to load tp_approval_step, underlying cause no such file to load -- tp_approval_step

I have a fixture named tp_approval_step.yml and I have also added this to my test_helper.rb

set_fixture_class :tp_approval_step => ApprovalProcessStep

I am receiving these errors for all of my fixtures. Any ideas about what I can do to eliminate these errors?


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Some other thoughts - Does this have something to do with pluralization? One of my fixtures is tp_process, but it is claiming that it cannot load file for tp_proces with one S instead of two. –  mberning Dec 10 '10 at 21:27

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Long story short - after browsing and asking on rubyonrails-talk - almost nobody uses or cares about fixtures. The prevailing wisdom in the community is to use a factory class to load the database. There are libraries that can help with this, in particular, factory_girl and machinist.

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