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I'm working on creating an application that will display JSON data in a nicely formatted paragraph. The JSON data has things like a title, sub-title, body, etc. In the body there can be links (which I just need to display as blue and underlined) And this is where I'm running into trouble.

The program is based on the .net Compact Framework and I'm only given a Graphics object along with the JSON object (and a rectangle, font, color). Is there anyway to nicely draw a string of text with all of the links changed to the different color/font?

My thoughts have been to draw each individual word and just change the font right then when the word comes up. This sounds very inefficient. Is there a better way?

Thanks :)

Oh, p.s. If there is an easy way to determine the proper height of the rectangle in the DrawString method, so that no text is clipped, that would also be very helpful!

UPDATE: I figured out my P.S. question :) http://www.mobilepractices.com/2007/12/multi-line-graphicsmeasurestring.html

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Is this a WinForms app on the compact framework? If not, can you tell us more about the app? –  Bryan Dec 10 '10 at 21:06
Yes, it is a WinForms app on the compact framework. It's actually a new Facebook Client :) I've been developing it on XDA-Developers for a couple of months now. forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=630992 –  joe_coolish Dec 10 '10 at 21:08

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Ok, what I ended up doing is adding a custom drawing method w/ special "Word" objects. The Word object holds a string, color, and pointer to a font. I parsed the text into a dictionary of Word objects and then looped through all the objects and drew the text with the following sudo code

int maxWidth = Width
int curX = 0
int curY = 0

foreach word in words
    if curX > 0
        word = DrawWordUntilWidth(out curX, out curY, word, maxWidth)

    if word != null
        DrawWord(out curX, out curY, word, maxWidth)

DrawWordUntilWidth will mesure words in word (deliminated by spaces and "-") until curX > maxWidth and then draw the words that will fit, trunc the string in word, set curX to 0, set curY += maxWordHeight being the max height of the fonts used on that row. If all the words in word are used up, null is returned, else the trunc'ed word is returned.

DrawWord is very similar but runs on the assumption that curX is always = 0, so it can draw the whole string then set the curX and curY accordingly.

It works pretty well, as in there are few studders and it renders pretty smoothly. If anyone has a better solution, please let me know!

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