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I would like to have a function that returns the repsonseText of a jQuery.ajax() call. All the examples I've seen say to use a 'success' function to handle the returned data. However, for my implementation I need something like following:

function getRemoteValue(id) {
  var request = jQuery.ajax({
  return request.responseText;

When I make a call to this function, Firebug shows the request as going through with the correct Response being returned. However when I try the following, I only get an empty string:

var some_value = getRemoteValue(1); // The problem is here. some_value is empty.
// Other processing using some_value;

Again, for my implementation I can't be doing the jQuery('.someclass').html(some_value); within the ajax() call. How can I get the responseText returned? Thank you!

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I'd check this out stackoverflow.com/questions/3732258/… –  James South Dec 10 '10 at 21:19
Thanks for the link. The whole "asynchronous" wasn't sinking in at first :) –  robertwbradford Dec 20 '10 at 18:57

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Rober ,

The following code is valid but returns null

var some_value = getRemoteValue(1); 

The ajax call is asyncronous call , it just instantiates the process goes on , so you will always have this problem

you need to move your code to your success handler of ajax to do any post operatoins

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