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I was trying to using Crtl+shift+F to format a groovy class in springsource suite tool. However, it doesn't split lines that are very long (more than 80 characters) as it does with java files.

I would appreciate if anybody could recommend me a tool for perform wrapping of lines in groovy files and generally grails projects.

Thanks in advance.

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IntelliJ does a very nice job of formatting Groovy code. The free version of IntelliJ includes Groovy support, but not Grails support (last time I checked)

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What version of STS are you using? We have recently fixed a few issues regarding formatting of Groovy code in the latest release of Groovy-Eclipse (2.1.1). The update site is here:


This should solve your problem, but if it doesn't, then I'd suggest raising a bug on the issue tracker:


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