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Something easy I think.

I have a two dimensional list (array) of mixed date, text and numeric data sourced from a CSV. I want to be able to sort the rows by the value in a single column, which in this case is a date in text format. For example:

{{1/12/2008, Bob, 123}, {28/06/2007, Alice, 456}, {19/08/2009, Charlie, 789}}

I'd like to sort the rows in the list by the date (so that comes out in the order Alice, Bob, Charlie.)

So far I have thought that I might want to map DateList across my date column and prepend the year, month and day to the list, so it becomes:

{{2008, 12, 1, Bob, 123}, {2007, 6, 28, Alice, 456}}

Then I'm left having to do three sorts instead of one, and needing to break the array up by year. That didn't seem right and now I'm stuck. I know this ought to be simple but I can't for the life of me figure it out. Any pointers appreciated.



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Perhaps this ...

l = {{"1/12/2008", Bob, 123}, {"28/06/2007", Alice, 456}, 
     {"19/08/2009", Charlie, 789}}

SortBy[l, AbsoluteTime[{#[[1]], {"Day", "Month", "Year"}}] &]   


{{"28/06/2007", Alice,   456}, 
 {"1/12/2008",  Bob,     123}, 
 {"19/08/2009", Charlie, 789}}   



Note that Sort[ ] compares using OrderedQ[ ], and so it can compare lists. (Greater[ ], for example, can't).

So, the following code also works:

Sort@(Flatten@{DateList[{#[[1]],{"Day","Month","Year"}}], #[[2]], #[[3]]} & /@ l)

or perhaps more elegant:

Sort@(l/.{x_String, y__} :> Flatten@{DateList[{x, {"Day", "Month", "Year"}}], y})
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Legend. Thanks belisarius, that worked perfectly. I spent hours trawling through the docs and never saw a reference to SortBy, or AbsoluteTime! – Tim Kemp Dec 11 '10 at 3:50
+1, never heard of SortBy before. I've always used Sort, plus custom sorting functions. – rcollyer Dec 11 '10 at 4:50
I too like this solution (and I too had not heard of AbsoluteTime). A slight variation is that DateList (which I had been playing around with) will also work, as in: SortBy[l,DateList[{#[[1]],{"Day","Month","Year"}}]&]//TableForm – TomD Dec 11 '10 at 11:02

An alternative to belisarius' second method:

lst = {{"1/12/2008", Bob, 123},
       {"28/06/2007", Alice, 456}, 
       {"19/08/2009", Charlie, 789}};

lst = {DateList@{#, {"Day", "Month", "Year"}}, ##2} & @@@ lst;

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Yes, I like DateList :-) – TomD Mar 24 '11 at 13:06

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