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I'd like to create a script in PHP that can be run through a cron job. This script has to do the following:

A) Log in to Yahoo Webmail

B) Navigate to the inbox

C) Loop through all mails with attachments

D) Download each attachment *

E) Put the downloaded attachment into a directory on the server

*: When viewing a mail with attachments on yahoo, links are giving to each attached file. However, these links are not directed towards the files themselves; they are instead linked to ANOTHER page saying "This attachment does not have viruses" with a real link to the attachment.

I wrote this in javascript, but it had a couple of problems:

A) It needed to be executed on the inbox page

B) It didn't save the files, it prompted the user to save them

C) Internet explorer didn't like it

D) The user had to log in before he could complete step A)

If anyone needs to see the javascript code, just post a comment below.

In case the above doesn't seem to be phrased in the form of a question:

1) Are there any pages I could look at to gather any hints?

2) Have any of you done this in the past?

3) Is it possible?

Thank you in advance. Salty

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Have you considered switching to google and simply using imap/pop3 or paying Yahoo for pop access and simply downloading your messages with one of the many pop clients?

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This isn't an option. I don't want another email client, and I certainly don't want to pay. – Salty Jan 14 '09 at 19:36

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