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I have three divs,

divl : 7px width
divr: 7px width
divm: unknown

What I want to do is:

  • Have divl at the very left of the parent div,
  • divr at the very right of the parent div.
  • divm in between those two divs and span the remaining space.

How can I do this?

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Likely you'll want to use what was linked

Blockquote http://matthewjamestaylor.com/blog/perfect-3-column.htm

Or see http://www.webreference.com/authoring/style/sheets/css_mastery2/index.html (and the subsequent pages) I came up with the following but you'll probably end up with an overlap on content from the left and middle divs (you could try adding z-index to the middle div as well, that may help.)

    <style type="text/css">
      #divl { width: 7px; float: left; height: 100px; }
      #divm { width: 100%; height: 100px; margin: 0 -7px; float: left; }
      #divr { width: 7px; height: 100px; float: left; }
        <div id="divl"></div>
        <div id="divm"></div>
        <div id="divr"></div>
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