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I have adopted a Canvas falling snow solution from webbreakstuff.

Now, I would like to make it appear as if this snow was falling out of a cloud.

I have a cloud image, cloud.png.

I would like to create it via JavaScript like so:

var cloud = new Image();
cloud.src = "cloud.png";

Now, I want to have it draw in front of one of the two canvas's (either bgcanvas or fgcanvas) but I cannot figure out how to do that properly in accordance with the context.drawImage.

Could someone help me figure out where to put this image, and how to do so?


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So, you have two canvas elements, fgcanvas and bgcanvas, fgcanvas is in front.

var cloud = new Image();
cloud.src = "cloud.png";
//I am assuming that both canvases are in the same position.
var ctx = fgcanvas.getContext('2d');
ctx.drawImage(cloud, sourceOfSnowX, sourceOfSnowY;

Should draw cloud.png at the orgin of the snow.

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