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I'm a ruby beginner. I have the following code which asks the user for his name and prints it back.

print 'Enter your name : '
name = gets()
print("Hey,#{name} !")

If I enter John Doe as the name, the output is as follows

Hey,John Doe

print unlike puts does not automatically put a new line after output but I've noticed that in the above case anything I enter after #{name} is printed on a new line. Why is this so ?

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hint: name contains a character you typed in (pressed a key for) but are not expecting. –  user166390 Dec 11 '10 at 8:08
Oh yeah, the newline character ! :D...thank you ! :) –  James Dec 11 '10 at 8:09

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gets() is returning the newline caused by you pressing the enter key. Try name = gets().chomp to trim it off.

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If you're on OS X, and running this in irb, you could also type in "John Doe" and then press control+d twice.

I think the equivalent for windows is control+z.

Also, if you did print name.inspect, then you'd find out for sure that name contains a newline - it'd print out "John Doe\n".

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