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how can i change cluster icon? i wolud like to have same icon, with some other color than blue.

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You need to use styles parameter when initializing MarkerClusterer object - the code below shows default styles so if you want to recolour one of the icons just change the relevant url to your image...

//set style options for marker clusters (these are the default styles)
mcOptions = {styles: [{
height: 53,
url: "http://google-maps-utility-library-v3.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/markerclusterer/images/m1.png",
width: 53
height: 56,
url: "http://google-maps-utility-library-v3.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/markerclusterer/images/m2.png",
width: 56
height: 66,
url: "http://google-maps-utility-library-v3.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/markerclusterer/images/m3.png",
width: 66
height: 78,
url: "http://google-maps-utility-library-v3.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/markerclusterer/images/m4.png",
width: 78
height: 90,
url: "http://google-maps-utility-library-v3.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/markerclusterer/images/m5.png",
width: 90

//init clusterer with your options
var mc = new MarkerClusterer(map, markers, mcOptions);
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Looks like there are comma's missing in the property list for each individual marker... from FireFox Error: missing } after property list. –  Paul Mennega Sep 14 '11 at 2:08

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