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Is there a way to use Bluetooth from the iPhone SDK? I have some cool ideas for apps involving bluetooth, but I haven't turned up anything searching.

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Nope! You could file a bug report, but that's little more than a far off wish right now. Figure out how to implement your ideas with WiFi Bonjour networking instead.

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So basically, you can only connect 2 devices over bluetooth bonjour, more with wifi bonjour? Is this correct? –  typeoneerror Jun 16 '10 at 20:44

I think the answer these days is maybe with the 3.0 OS.

The thing is it seems the APIs do not allow full control of the bluetooth hardware. Rather you get packaged uses like sending packets to another iPhone for peer-to-peer gaming.

This probably means we won't be seeing VOIP applications with bluetooth headset support, which is a real shame.

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