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I've installed and it worked fine, however, the rails helpers that I was using with prototype stopped working.

How can I get back to using prototype in order to use the rails helpers OR make the helpers work with jQuery (the last would be the ideal solution).


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Actually, the gem you are using is not good enough. You should be using jquery-rails. Install as follows

gem install jquery-rails

or add it to your Gemfile

gem 'jquery-rails'

and then do

rails g jquery:install

This not only removes the prototype.js, and downloads the jquery, but also (importantly!) downloads the adapted rails.js that works with jquery and will make sure that all standard rails-helpers will keep on working.

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You need to load jQuery after prototype, then call jQuery.noConflict(), for example:

$j = jQuery.noConflict();

Then use $j for jQuery instead of $.

Or, still calling jQuery.noConflict(), you can use $ inside a function just for that, for example:

//$ is prototype
(function($) {
  //$ is jQuery
//$ is prototype

Or say you're doing a document.ready handler, the short version would be:

//$ is prototype
jQuery(function($) {
  //$ is jQuery, this runs when the DOM is ready
//$ is prototype
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The Rails 3 helpers should work with jQuery too. (Stuff like link_to ..., :remote => true), the only thing to do is to load jQuery and the new rails.js.

The exception is RJS related helpers I guess.

Nick Craver's tip will work to make jQuery and prototype work together.

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