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HOw to convert a string to a stream of bits zeroes and ones what i did i take a string then convert it to an array of char then i used method called forDigit(char,int) ,but it does not give me the character as a stream of 0 and 1 could you help please. also how could i do the reverse from bit to a char. pleaes show me a sample

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Its easiest if you take two steps. String supports converting from String to/from byte[] and BigInteger can convert byte[] into binary text and back.

String text = "Hello World!";
System.out.println("Text: "+text);

String binary = new BigInteger(text.getBytes()).toString(2);
System.out.println("As binary: "+binary);

String text2 = new String(new BigInteger(binary, 2).toByteArray());
System.out.println("As text: "+text2);


Text: Hello World!
As binary: 10010000110010101101100011011000110111100100000010101110110111101110010011011000110010000100001
As text: Hello World!
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I tried this one ..

public String toBinaryString(String s) {

    char[] cArray=s.toCharArray();

    StringBuilder sb=new StringBuilder();

    for(char c:cArray)
        String cBinaryString=Integer.toBinaryString((int)c);

    return sb.toString();
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wonderful i like you answer it works with me –  Bob2 Dec 11 '10 at 14:50
The problem is that not all characters are the same length of bits set, so you wouldn't be able to decode this binary sequence as you won't know how long the bits are. –  Peter Lawrey Dec 11 '10 at 17:21
thanks bob.. ! @Peter Lawrey each character is encoded into binary string of length 7. So I guess.. it can be handled.. –  Ratna Dinakar Dec 11 '10 at 20:07
A space and digits will be encoded into 6 bits. –  Peter Lawrey Dec 11 '10 at 20:18
System.out.println(Integer.toBinaryString(' ')); prints 100000 –  Peter Lawrey Dec 11 '10 at 20:20
String strToConvert = "abc";
byte [] bytes = strToConvert.getBytes();
StringBuilder bits = new StringBuilder(bytes.length * 8); 
System.err.println(strToConvert + " contains " + bytes.length +" number of bytes");
for(byte b:bytes) {
  bits.append(Integer.toString(b, 2));

char [] chars = new char[bits.length()];
bits.getChars(0, bits.length(), chars, chars.length);
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