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Currently I'm using this:

<iframe frameborder="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0"
        height="100%" width="100%"
        src="http://www.google.com/search?q=<?php echo $plus ?>">

No matter how much I increase the height percentage, it remains the same. The height doesn't change at all... Any ideas why?

This is related.

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It exists. The purpose of iframes is not to try to conceal the URL of a document. –  Quentin Dec 11 '10 at 15:48
For one thing, the marginheight, marginwidth, height and width attributes. Consider CSS. –  Šime Vidas Dec 11 '10 at 15:49
It changes for me. Please see: jsfiddle.net/fhfg2/3 –  Vlad.P Dec 11 '10 at 15:50
What's the <\a> doing in the IFRAME? –  Šime Vidas Dec 11 '10 at 15:51
No it doesn't whatever value i change..Te height is the same :( –  5416339 Dec 11 '10 at 15:52

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It will only span the height of the parent element.

So if this iFrame is in your html/body element without height definition it will default to the browser height.


If you don't want to use CSS you will need to define the height of the body tag and all child elements thereafter.

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Did you try removing the </a> from the tags?

Also, 100% is going to fill the container element. Make sure you have position:relative; in your element's styles and you have their heights/widths setup properly.

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No use........... –  5416339 Dec 11 '10 at 15:52

You need to have a parent height. If your parent has no set height, what does 100% of that height mean? Try this:

html, body, #your_parent
  height: 100%; /* Or some other value. You get the idea, right? */
  width: 100%;

Change those percents to whatever you like, just have some height and width to reference to. Also, remove that </a> closing tag. It shouldn't belong there.

Good luck!

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Didn't help mate :( –  5416339 Dec 11 '10 at 16:37
For some reason when i change the doctype it works..But now i forgot what doctype it was.And when i validate still the same problem comes :( –  5416339 Dec 11 '10 at 16:37

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