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I'm really hoping somebody with more experience can edit the question as per my examples of answers:

• using version control

• test driven development

• debugging code (xdebug for php)

• use of UML diagrams

• use of OOP for maintainable, reusable code

• use of frameworks (like Zend Framework for php) for rapplication application development

Anything else or an elaboration of what I mentioned above?

Basically, I'm in the middle of forming a team of developers (I'm a developer myself) and I'd like some advice on how professional programers/designers etc should work together and what standards/paradigms they should use.

Also, if anybody has any books or links on the subject I'd welcome that!

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I think that's too many topics and a bit broad. Consider moving it to since it's about tools and methods. – mario Dec 11 '10 at 16:33
just have. Thanks! – Damien Roche Dec 11 '10 at 16:36
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I recommend practices of an agile developer from the pragmatic bookshelf. It talks about many topics and tools relevant to your (and maybe every programmer's) needs.

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As for code, when dealing with agile (team) development, you need to start with setting up a central version controlled repository for code to be maintained, added to, and removed from. My favorite resource is git.

Next you'll want to set up a project management suite. A place to share ideas, resources, and set standards and policies for your project(s). I use both Basecamp and Freedcamp. The latter of which is a free alternative that is surpassing other mainstream PM tools in features all the time.

The other "answers" will be dependent on what kind of project you're starting and how your development team wants to model it.

Good luck

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