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I have an application that uses Ideablade Devforce as it's OR mapper. When the application starts up it wants to write to the debuglog.xml file in C:\Program Files\Application Name\ This works fine in Windows XP, but due to Vista's locked down write access to Program Files, the app throws and error.

Is there a way to stop Ideablade wanting to write to this file?


Is there another place that is recommended to install applications that want to write to files in their install path?

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I fixed it by setting the logging file option to a blank string within the IdeaBlade.ibconfig file.

It mentions in the help that if you don't supply a path it will save the file in the application's directory, but if you don't even supply the filename it will not save it anywhere.

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csjohnst is correct. Setting the logfile element to an empty string in the ibconfig file will suppress creation of the debuglog.

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You could either have your own directory under C:\ApplicationName OR Set write access during deployment to your C:\Program Files\ApplicationName folder.

I hope this helps.

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Your best bet would be to talk to Ward Bell ;) (

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In IdeaBlade.ibconfig file set the logFile to the empty string: e.g.,

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