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Most of the time we import an export unconditionally. I want to import some configurations. something like this:

private Configuration config

The problem is at export side I need to pass a parameter to get the right configuration. Here is the exported function:

private Configuration GetConfig(String name)
    // Load proper configuration and return it

My question is how to pass a parameter from import side, to the exported function. Note that I use exported function (which accept a parameter) inside the constructor of my importer.

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What you can do, is use Func<T, U> and MEF will handle the delegate for you. For instance:

public class FirstClass
  public string Method(string arg)
    return arg.ToUpperInvariant();

public class SecondClass
  public Func<string, string> Func;

In that example, I'm exporting a named contract and MEF will automatically determine how to wire up the target delegate for me. I could have Exported as Func<string, string> also.

So in your case, I would change your Export to:


And your Import and target property to:

public Func<string, Configuration> GetConfig { get; set; }

And the simply use the delegate to execute the imported function.

Hope that helps.

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