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I can change the value attribute of a HTMLOptionElement by doing so:

sizeOptionToBeSelected.attr('value', '555');

It changes the value property of the HTMLOptionElement and the value in the DOM Attr object in the NamedNodeMap attributes property from the same HTMLOptionElement object.

But, I cannot create a new Attr "selected" or change the selected property of the HTMLOptionElement with the following code:

sizeOptionToBeSelected.attr('selected', 'true');

Why do you think this is? How can I do this?

From jquery documentation:

We can add an attribute the same way: $('#greatphoto').attr('title', 'Photo by Kelly Clark');

Additional explanations:
- The code runs inside the $(document).ready( function so there is no problem with the loading.
- I use the latest Google Chrome 8.0.552.215 beta.

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Although I resolved how jQuery's attr method works, maybe it is a good idea to provide some clue as to why I was trying to do this (I think it is going to be useful for other users). I deleted all the options from a select tag and I populated with new ones. And the idea was to make the previously selected option, selected again. The right way to do this is: $('#selectId').val(theSelectedOptionValue); For more, view this: stackoverflow.com/questions/927656/… –  despot Dec 12 '10 at 13:18

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jQuery, somewhat confusingly, tends to treat attributes and properties as the same thing. So $(elem).attr('selected', true) is actually setting elem's selected property to true, not its attribute.

There are very few reasons to need to set the selected attribute. Setting the selected (and defaultSelected) properties should suffice.

Also, bear in mind that the selected attribute corresponds to the default state, not the current state.

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I also read stackoverflow.com/questions/3953028/… before I posted. I should have figured out that jQuery cannot create the Attr DOM object. Another thing is that jQuery's statement "We can add an attribute the same way: $('#greatphoto').attr('title', 'Photo by Kelly Clark');" isn't correct. Should only say, "change" or "set", but not "add an attribute". This created confusion for me. Thanks anyway. –  despot Dec 12 '10 at 13:11

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