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Is there any definition that states which standard class libraries are supported on Android?

Let's assume we build a jar library and compile it using JavaSE. This library will maybe used by a JavaSE server application and/or on a JSP Server.

Are there any means to know beforehand if Androids dex will be able to compile this Library into Dalvik bytecode? Other means than Trial&Error i mean :).

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ZDNet has a comparison, but it's from the RC days of Android 1.0 (early 2008). Comparing ZDNet's "not supported" list with the current Android and Java SE docs, there appear to be a few changes:

  • java.applet: unsupported
  • java.awt: partial (a couple of classes in java.awt.font)
  • java.beans: partial
  • java.lang.management: unsupported
  • java.rmi: unsupported
  • javax.accessibility: unsupported
  • javax.activity: unsupported
  • javax.imageio: unsupported
  • javax.management: unsupported
  • javax.naming: unsupported
  • javax.print: unsupported
  • javax.rmi: unsupported
  • javax.security.auth.kerberos: unsupported
  • javax.security.auth.spi: unsupported
  • javax.security.sasl: unsupported
  • javax.swing: unsupported
  • javax.transaction: unsupported
  • javax.xml (except javax.xml.parsers): partial (missing bind, crypto, soap, stream, transform.stax, ws)
  • org.ietf.*: unsupported
  • org.omg.*: unsupported
  • org.w3c.dom.* (sub-packages): partial (missing bootstrap, events, some classes in ls)

Also note that Android bundles some non Java SE APIs (jUnit, HttpClient, JSON, etc).

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You can look at the Android class library and make sure you only use classes and methods that are listed there.

However, there is no substitute for actually trying it.

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Just thought it would be nice to be able to restrict the classpath of a cross-plattform library to a certain set of class libraries. Otherwise each change may introduce android specific compile-time errors. Therefore each change has to be compiled on Android first which may result in a cumbersome development process. –  mibollma Dec 11 '10 at 22:08

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