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Drupal is frequently referred as a Content Management Framework, does it comply with the MVC paradigm? If it does, how Drupal implements MVC?


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no it doesnt... – The Surrican Dec 11 '10 at 19:49
you can however develope using mvc architecture in drupal, but the system it self does not – The Surrican Dec 11 '10 at 19:50
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No, Drupal follows the PAC (Presentation-Abstraction-Control) model rather than MVC. There is an excellent blog post explaining this at Larry Garfield's site.

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Drupal 8 now incorporates Symfony components. So this means while a Drupal 8 application is not an MVC framework/CMS as a whole, Drupal 8 modules are implemented in an MVC pattern with controllers, routes and Twig templates for Views.

More info here

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No it does not. You can however develop software using mvc architecture and there are even modules to facilitate that, but the system it self does not. maby it will in the future.

but some fundamental concepts of drupal, like the hooks, are conflicting with the mvc paradigm

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No, drupal is not an MVC framework at all.

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