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How would I go about sending a message to a server in python, via a client? I've been looking around, and all I can find are ways to send messages upon connection, but nothing that will connect, and allow me to actually input a message, all the while receiving messages from the server.

Being able to execute a "send(message)" command from a different class than the base client class (maybe a wx.Frame) would be perfect, but I have no idea how to do so.

Basically, it'll end up being a sort of chat room just for use in my CompSci classroom, so it should preferably just use the standard library so I don't need to compile it, but whatever works.

Also, I have the server side done, and I can telnet to it, but I need to be able to format the messages, and display them in a neater way than telnet allows.

Thanks in advance.

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Telnetlib? docs.python.org/library/telnetlib.html –  Thomas K Dec 11 '10 at 21:15

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One solution is to use xmpppy which lets you use a jabber server to share messages. I'm working on a project where I use this to create a chat plugin. It requires that you have access to a jabber server.

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One solution would be to create an XMLRPC server using xmlrpclib and have your clients just call a method on that server.

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