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I'm passing a 'data' parameter to a php page using AJAX. The parameter is a JSON string like:


I encode with encodeURIComponent JS function getting:


If I write by hand:


my "index.php" simply gets the parameters and "prints in the screen". The problem is I'm getting this which isn't a valid JSON to decode:


Any help, thanks in advance

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So {\"type\":\"value\"} is what you get when you do echo $_GET['echo'] ? Have you tried to use json_decode? – Felix Kling Dec 11 '10 at 21:08

Check that you don't have magic_quotes on. The use json_decode() to decode your JSON data.

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Do like this. Replace de "\" from the parameter.

$jsonString = $_GET['data'];

$jsonStringReplaced = str_replace("\\","",$jsonString);

$arr = json_decode($jsonStringReplaced);


It worked for me.

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