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I want to code a board game that name is Okey and mostly popular in Turkey.

But i have got some problems about AI.

Firslty let me explain the game..

The game is played by 4 players.

In this game there are 106 tiles, 2 of them are fake joker. Other 104 tiles are divided 4 colours generally green, black, blue and red. All colours have two sets of tiles. A set ise contains 13 tiles that numbered sequentially 1 to 13.

Each player start 14 tiles (one is start 15 and starts first) and throws one of the most unwanted tile the next player. Next player can get this tile or can get another tile from stack in the middle of table. The game played in anti-clockwise..

The aim of this game is find the valid sequence of 14 tiles as soon as possible. Player can align tiles by sequential numbers in the same colour until 13. For examle Green 1, Green 2, Green 3. There is an exception here, 1 can be follow to 13. For example Red 12, Red 13 and Red 1 is a valid set. But Red 13, Red 1 and Red 2 is not valid.

Or player can align tiles by colors in the same number. For examle Green 1, Black 1, Red 1, Blue 1.

Each set need to be 3 or more tiles to be valid and each of this set named as "Per". Less then 3 tiles is not valid for the finish. A valid finish set can be like this. G: Green, B:Blue, R:Red, BL: Black G1|G2|G3 B2|R2|BL2 R9|R10|R11|R12 BL13|R13|G13

Last thing, when starting game a tile selected to determine joker (okey). For example if you select Blue 3; Blue 4 will be joker (okey) and player can use this tile instead of any tile that player needs to win or complete a set (per).

Of course these rules are general rules and summarized to explain question. If you can read Turkish, you can check out this link for more information or its translated version courtesy of Google Translate

So which AI algorithm that i can use? I searched for minimax theory and alpha beta pruning. But these theories are generally about 2 players game like chess or tic-tac-toe.

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You can use max^n or Paranoid Algorithms.

Look at this book

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Thank you for your response. I looked the chapter. As you sad Max^n or paranoid is very suitable for multiplayer games. But i couldn't find any articles except academic ones. I am trying to find a better example of algorithm. – bahadir arslan Dec 12 '10 at 12:18
That will definitely work (I wrote the linked article). I would also look into multi-player UCT: – Nathan S. Dec 31 '10 at 1:59

An easy start can be made using a Monte Carlo algorithm. You just need to be able to generate moves randomly.

Then for each next move play many random games and choose the move that made you win the most of them.

It's easy to implement and can be on par with more complicated algorithms. I've done this for Nine Men's Morris and MC was nearly as strong as alpha-beta (mainly both playing equally until the MC algorithm made a mistake, which it will do sooner or later).

Have a look at this article on Monte Carlo method for playing Go.

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