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The code for the iframe goes like this since I'm using prettyPhoto

<a href="stories/story1txt.php?iframe=true&width=400&height=200" rel="prettyPhoto">
<img src="images/story1.jpg"/></a>

and the story1txt.php file looks like this

<p>Text goes here...</p>

How can I style the php file so the font is Arial Narrow and of 17px? Do I use a link to a css file? Thank you

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You can't style the contents of an iframe from the page that contains it. You'll need to have the styling information on the "inner/contained" page (in your case, story1txt.php).

Edit: In case you're asking for the specific CSS, that would be something like:

body {
  font-size: 17px;
  font-family: "Arial Narrow", sans-serif;
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