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I want to create a couple of batch files to automate some thing.

My question is when I create a batch file. What is the current directory? Is it the directory where the file is located or is it the same directory that appears in cmd?

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It usually is the directory from which the batch file is started, but if you start the batch file from a shortcut, a different starting directory could be given. Also, when you'r in cmd, and your current directory is c:\dir3, you can still start the batch file using c:\dir1\dir2\batch.bat in which case, the current directory will be c:\dir3.

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From within your batch file:

  • %cd% will give you the current working directory (variable)
  • %~dp0 will give you the full path to the batch file's directory (fixed)
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@Јοеу - %0 could give the name of the current subroutine, but %~dp0 will always give the full path to the executing batch file. –  dbenham Jun 12 '13 at 11:19
Actually, it looks like %~dp0 gives the full path to the directory that the executing batch file is in. %~dpnx0 (which is equivalent to %~f0) gives the full path to the batch file. See robvanderwoude.com/parameters.php for more details. –  deadlydog Jul 11 '13 at 20:08
See also good detailed answers of a similar question: Get list of passed arguments in Windows batch script (.bat) –  olibre Sep 23 '13 at 15:37

It is the directory from where you start the batch file. E.g. if your batch is in c:\dir1\dir2 and you do cd c:\dir3, then run the batch, the current directory will be c:\dir3.

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