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Using ZedGraph, how do I format the Y axis to show 2000 instead of 2 with a label of MyLabel(10^3)?

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Set the scale's Format Property to, say, "#" and the Mag Property to zero. For example:

 YAxis y = myPane.YAxis;
 y.Scale.Format = "#";
 y.Scale.Mag = 0;
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Set the MagAuto property to false:

zedGraph.GraphPane.YAxis.Scale.MagAuto = false;

Note that clicking on "Set Scale to Default" in the ZedGraph context menu will reset MagAuto to true. This is the source of a part of the context menu event handler:

public void ResetAutoScale( GraphPane pane, Graphics g )
    _scale._minAuto = true;
    _scale._maxAuto = true;
    _scale._majorStepAuto = true;
    _scale._minorStepAuto = true;
    _crossAuto = true;
    _scale._magAuto = true;
    //this.numDecAuto = true;
    _scale._formatAuto = true;
    pane.AxisChange( g );
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Why answer an already answered question which is 5 years old ? – Thomas Mar 19 '15 at 12:49
@Thomas: I was looking how to do that myself, found this question, tested the answer provided by Jim Fred, and noticed that there was a simpler way. Figured that somebody else could benefit from my answer... – Otiel Mar 20 '15 at 11:13
Otiel: good one! I'll try it. – Jim Fred Mar 22 '15 at 16:52

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