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I am about to submit an app to the Mac App Store, however the name of my application conflicts with another application in their system. So I picked another name and I tried to change the name of my application by going into the build settings under the "Packaging" section and "Product Name" row. I cleaned all targets and rebuilt the application, but the name displayed in the menu bar and bundle was the old name.

What I am missing? How do I change the name of an application without having to recreate another project?

Thanks a bunch.

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Make sure you are editing the Product Name of the target not the Project. So the menu Project->Edit Active Target "targetname" not Project->Edit Project Settings. Or right-click on the target in the group list and choose Get Info.

Note that you will have to edit MainMenu.xib to show the correct app name in the About, Quit, and Help menu items.

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Thanks I also went to Project -> Rename. –  David Dec 13 '10 at 6:15

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