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I am kind of stuck on a query and could sure use some ideas. In mysql, I have these fields.
id, dept, desc, event_date, long_desc

What I want to do is create a table of the data sorted by dept ordered by date. So I want the output kinda like this.

dept1 -- description -- jan 1

dept1 -- description -- jan 3

dept1 -- description -- jan 5

dept2 -- description -- jan 1

dept2 -- description -- feb 3

dept2 -- description -- march 5


normally, if it's just a few queries..I would just have a few seperate queries like

$sql=mysql_query("Select * from blah where blah=blah Order by blah")

run my while loop and echo out the $rows[] in a table.

But in this case, there are over 200 depts that I need to output. Is there a way to build that into one query with breaks in between groups?

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What is the data type for the event_date column -- string or DATETIME? Can you provide an example of your expected output? – OMG Ponies Dec 12 '10 at 4:04
    dept, desc, MIN(event_date) 
   `dept`, `desc`
   `date` ASC

This allows you to return both the dept and the desc. Make sure your table doesn't have different descriptions for departments that are named the same thing.

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