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In PHP, I have some integer variables with values from 0-65535. I need to echo/print it directly, NOT as a printed sequence of characters like printing the string "1281" but the raw binary value. Also I need it so the binary integer sent to the output will always be exactly 2 bytes (zero bytes sent if needed so that it is always 2 bytes). How do I do this in php?

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The raw binary value is a set of high and low electric voltages inside a circuit. How would you like to represent those voltages in a way humans can perceive? You don't actually NOT want to print out a string representation, you just want to print a different string representation of the number. You are asking to view the number written in base 2 instead of base 10. Both are just string representations of the voltages. – Dan Grossman Dec 12 '10 at 4:23
@Dan, he asked for a raw value, not raw electricity. He never said he didn't want a string, just that he didn't want a string of ASCII digit characters. – Matthew Flaschen Dec 12 '10 at 4:27
@Dan: He basically wants the PHP equivalent of this bit of C: fwrite(&some_int16_value, sizeof(int16_t), 1, fp). At least it reads that way to me. – mu is too short Dec 12 '10 at 4:34

To elaborate on mu's answer, you want:

pack("S", $num));


file_put_contents("test65535.bin", pack("S", 65535));
file_put_contents("test100.bin", pack("S", 100));
file_put_contents("test0.bin", pack("S", 0));

hexdump test65535.bin
0000000 ffff

hexdump test100.bin
0000000 0064

hexdump test0.bin
0000000 0000
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Yes it is possible, use pack.

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