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Why is it recommended to create an SSL certificate for, rather than for use on Heroku? I've read this suggestion in a few blog posts, but the authors didn't elaborate. It seems like using requires some rerouting when switching between SSL and non-SSL requests, and can cause difficulties with sessions.

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The restriction is that you can't have their hostname-based SSL on the root domain (; it must be on a subdomain (e.g., This is because of the way the DNS system works:

Hostname based SSL will not work with root domains as it relies on CNAME aliasing of your custom domain names. CNAME aliasing of root domains is an RFC violation.

Your sessions crossing domains can indeed be a pain. Many people have written about it though:

As an alternative, you can use their IP-based SSL offering with root domains, but it's $100/mo.

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Have you checked documentation. they have a really good one.

check first.

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Yes, I have. Doesn't seem like it answers my question. – Michael Dec 12 '10 at 6:49
I think, the most important here is to use a subdomain. I think (in my opinion) is for avoiding XSS Atacks. Check this info. Maybe would apply in ur case.… – ingcarlos Dec 12 '10 at 6:57

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