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We are having a Swing application which we plan to port to SWT/JFace. The Swing application draws a lot of icons (javax.swing.Icon implementations) in trees and tables (icon left to the text). If I understood it correctly, SWT only can draw images (aka graphic files). What would be the simplest solution to paint the icon or entire table/tree cell? Thanks in advance.

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Images can be loaded from graphic files, or they can be drawn in-memory.

Image image = new Image(Display.getCurrent(), width, height);
GC gc = new GC(image);

// draw icon using GC


As far as displaying them in tables/trees, the most direct approach is to set the image on the table/tree item:

TableItem item = ...

There is one significant drawback to this approach however: on Windows, the first time you set an image on a table item, that image's height becomes the standard height for all items in the table. So if you set a larger image, it will be scaled down to the first image's size. If you set a smaller image, it will be scaled up.

If all your images are the same size, this will not be a problem.

However if you can not predict the size of the images in advance, I recommend using the custom draw API to render your table/tree items. This approach is definitely more intensive but gives you fine-grained control over the result.

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Thank you. Is there a place where the Image can be set on demand immediately before drawing the node? –  Mot Dec 16 '10 at 6:54
You can use a SWT.VIRTUAL table and use a SWT.SetData listener to set the image and text as needed. –  qualidafial Dec 16 '10 at 20:46

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