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I have wamp installed , I want to know how to create username and password in mysql.

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Go to http://localhost/phpmyadmin and click on the Privileges tab. There is a "Add a new user" link. alt text

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I don't have a privileges tab –  curtis Jul 1 '14 at 20:53

You can create a user using MySQL like this:

CREATE USER 'username'@'servername' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';

and if you want to do that for a specific database, simply you can write in the MySQL:

TO 'username'@'servername'
IDENTIFIED BY 'password';

Note that it's all one sentence, also note that you need to change:

database_name // your database name
username      // any name you want to use as username
servername    // the name of your server, for example: localhost
password      // any text you want to use as user password
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Where do I type this? I typed it into the command prompt in mysql.exe and nothing happened, it just gives me a new line with -> and a blinking cursor no matter what I type –  curtis Jul 1 '14 at 20:55

Here is the MySQL documentation on creating new user accounts.

In short, you create a user by running a CREATE USER statement:

CREATE USER "<username>" IDENTIFIED BY "<password>";

Once the user is created, you give him access to do things by using the GRANT statement.

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By default, you can access your databases at http:// localhost/phpmyadmin using user: root and a blank password.

Once logged in PHPmyAdmin, click on the Privileges tab. and on the Add a new user link located under the User Overview table

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Go to phpmyadmin and click on the database you have already created form the left side bar. Then you can see a privilege option at the top.. There you can add a new user..

If you are not having any database yet go to phpmyadmin and select databases and create a database by simply giving database name in the filed and press go.

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Use http://localhost/sqlbuddy --> users interface.

You can find it at the localhost main page at Your Aliases section.

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