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When i open the Installation file It send file to temporary Folder

I want to make lik that (i want the code) and when the user press this button it open the file which i Choose before (i want the code which it make all) and dont tell me read any help or any paper beacuse i do it and i understand it but i cant make it thanks

i want to make the about button to open the filer witch extracted to ehe temporary Folder when the user press it ,like this Installation file

the folder witch the file extracted in is "IS-XXXX.temp" and it change every time the user open the Installation file and i cant know sure the path of the file every time.

so that : ExtractTemporaryFile('filename.rtf') i cant understand it !!!!!!!

Or How i can use the temporary file Through the button if the path chang evry time. i see what i want in this picture but i cant make like it.

so my last question. how i can connect the button to the temporary file ????????

i am sorry if my English is bad but i will be Grateful if any one help me.

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If you understood a given reference for InnoScript that deals with your question, you would be able to implement it. So, in essence no, you did not understand it. Being that as it may, your question is not really intelligible, so I have to ask you to revise it, put it in proper wording etc. so people don't have such a hard time finding out what you are really after. And please refrain from making your whole post bold - that really defeats the meaning of formatting. –  Jim Brissom Dec 12 '10 at 12:02

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