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I have the interface with many controls which I need to set, the problem is that there are too many controls I need to set data in and click (whey work via ajax on https page). I want to write some helper which is integrated in my browser and do route clicking on certain page for me. It's Preferable to do this component with python. But I don't know how to start, how to do it in general terms? wich libs prefebly to use etc?

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I would first try doing this with mechanize. If the web page needs to execute javascript, you could

  1. study the javascript to figure out what it does and mimick it with Python code (perhaps hard),
  2. use TamperData or similar app to inspect headers and post parameters.
  3. use Firebug or similar app to inspect GET/POST requests. (Click on the Net>All buttons).
  4. or use SeleniumRC to programmatically control your normal (javascript-capable) web browser.
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mechanize is usually a good choice, but dealing with AJAX may require some work. At the end it depends on how the page works to decide if a browser-based module would be better suited. –  tokland Dec 12 '10 at 13:18

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