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When I'm in table 1, form 1 I want to have a button that when clicked adds a record to table 2.

How can this be made possible?

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You can run SQL or a query from VBA, for example:

Set db = CurrentDB

sSQL="INSERT INTO Table2 (FKID, Stuff) VALUES (" & Me.ID & ",'" & Me.Stuff & "')"
db.Execute sSQL, dbFailOnError

MsgBox "Records inserted " & db.RecordsAffected

Or if you have built a suitable query:

DoCmd.OpenQuery "QueryName"

Note that if you are adding to a table because you wish to add extra items to a combobox list, search for NotInList, you will find a number of suggestions.

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One way (out of many):- in the click event of your button:

currentdb.execute "insert into table2 (col1, col2) select 'some_string', 12345;"
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A DAO .Execute should never be called without the dbFailOnError switch and an error handler. –  David-W-Fenton Dec 13 '10 at 0:08

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