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I need to convert a pdf file to a jpeg page-by-page images. The reason I need to do this is, I'm creating a dynamic page flip on a website. I'm currently using MegaZine pageflip engine, wich loads jpeg files and makes a flip book. All I need to do now, is convert the pdf file to a bunch of jpegs, so that when the user clicks "upload pdf and make pageflip", the code behind does all the work.

So is there a (free) library I can use to do this?

I've been googleing for some time, but could not find anything good. Maybe you guys know something.

Thanks for the anwser in advance!!!


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Have you thought about using MagickNet? It's the .NET interface to ImageMagick, which is the go-to lib for this kind of task.

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I would recommend using either PDF2Image, PDF2Cairo or MUPDF to do this. Here's a link to PDF2Image:

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