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I have done some C and Java programming but I'm really interested in graphics/game design. What do I need to do in order to pursue this further? If you can share any information with me it would be appreciated!

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Fixed up title and question body – mmcdole Jan 14 '09 at 8:14

For game development specific stuff I suggest you check out http://www.gamedev.net/, specificaly the beginners forum section. They also have alot of useful articles on varies parts of game development(graphics, ai, etc). Most of the articles target C++, although there are plently of people that know other langauges such as Java, on the forums, although still not as many as those that know c++.

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For game design you should follow The Art of Computer Game Design by Chris Crawford excellent book. It is about game design not about programming. For graphics programming you can pick either some good Tutorials on OpenGL i recommend NeHe tutorials. Or use DirectX/XNA for windows.

Since you are also interested in Java I recommend you to look into jMonkey Engine and the LWJGL. jMonkey is a full game engine while LWJGL is a low level library which gives you access to OpenGL and OpenAL DevIL and some more low level libraries.

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In game development we distinguish between game programming and game design, a similar way that web programming and web design differ. The best answer for you would depend on whether you really want to get into design or not.

It also depends on whether you're hoping to get into the industry or just make games as a hobby. As games as a hobby can be done with whatever language or tools you like, I'll assume you mean getting into the industry.

If you really did mean 'design', books like the one recommended by Paulo Lopes are a good start. It's also worth reading up about game 'mods' and getting to grips with editing an existing game to hone your design skills and learn how to use game design tools. Game 'design' is a nebulous term however and it means different things to different people.

If you actually meant game programming, then the lingua franca in the industry is C++, although certain areas do use Java (eg. mobile phones) and languages like Python and Lua are gaining popularity for scripting purposes. There are many introductory books on game programming in C++ should this route interest you.

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