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I am looking for a best proved way to serialize JavaScript objects to XML, that could be sent to server further in Ajax style.

Just googling I've found some options like http://svn.mirekrusin.com/pub/javascript/to_xml/trunk/to_xml.js, but does somebody has proved experience and could recommend any specific library?

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is there a reason for not using JSON? It is (a) native to javascript and (b) very lightweight, and (c) has parsers/encoder libraries for just about every language out there. –  yaauie Jan 14 '09 at 8:43

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That does not really answer your question, but maybe you could use JSON instead of XML.

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Actually I am trying to switch from JSON to XML... –  Gennady Shumakher Jan 14 '09 at 8:43

I dont know if there are fameworks that will do this for you but...

// Define class constructor
var SampleObject1 = function()
    this.name = 'MySampleObject';
    this.id = 1;
    this.seed = 1.009;
    this.createdAt = new Date();
    this.obj = null;

// Create instance of serializer
var serializer = new Ant.Serializer();

// Register SampleObject1, so serializer gets to know how to deal with such objects
serializer.register('SampleObject1', SampleObject1);

// Create data that will be serialized
var object = new SampleObject1();
object.obj = new SampleObject1();

// Serialize and get string representation
var xml = serializer.save(object).toString();

// Displays (formatting is changed):
// <SampleObject1>
//  <name type="string">MySampleObject</name>
//  <id type="number">1</id>
//  <seed type="number">1.009</seed>
//  <createdAt>
//      <Date value="2007-7-26T20:31:24.156"/>
//  </createdAt>
//  <obj>
//      <SampleObject1>
//          <name type="string">MySampleObject</name>
//          <id type="number">1</id>
//          <seed type="number">1.009</seed>
//          <createdAt>
//              <Date value="2007-7-26T20:31:24.156"/>
//          </createdAt>
//          <obj/>
//      </SampleObject1>
//  </obj>
// </SampleObject1>

// Displays: MySampleObject
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Not an answer, but can I ask why you are switching from JSON to XML? I tend to favour XML, so I'm not criticising, but curious.

I think XML can give a better domain representation; but JSON tends to be better if your domain is objects (it being an object notation).

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