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I am a young but rather skilled Systems Developer working mainly with C# developing web sites, web stores, Facebook apps, integrations with various back-end-systems etcetera. I get a lot of solution architect missions too, thinking through and documenting our choice of weapons and I'm very active in our company's workflow processes. Most of the sites and apps we work on have somewhere around 100 000 visitors on a high traffic day. However, after taking Lead Dev on a number of different web sites, the question about why WCF Services screw up my time estimations again and again, is really bothering me. I could of course add some time for SVC-screw-ups, but I'd rather learn.

The issues that me and my dev team encounters in creating a couple of WCF Services usually goes like this. I sometimes also have the below role of "the dev".

  1. We require an AJAX functionality on a page
  2. Some developer sets up a data structure and creates an ASMX with POST JSON response
  3. The dev uses his browser and jQuery to test it - everything works
  4. I explain to the dev why we use WCF Services instead (scope, performance etc.)
  5. He converts it into a WCF Service
  6. The back-end-dev ask me how on earth he should test this thing - I say jQuery
  7. The dev uses $.ajax to test a POST - nothing works
  8. I take a look at it and solve the problem in 8 h
  9. When we are ready for taking it live, step 7 and 8 repeats

The error details have been of various characteristics. Once, we got a highly unrevealing error that turned out to be related to AspNetCompatibilityRequirements.

Another time, the namespace was not accepted by the app consuming the WCF Service. Removing it took about 8 h of Google, SO and redeployment.

Yet another time we wanted to customize the method signatures... thank you SO! But 8 h gone again.

The most recent problem was related to SSL and adding https for use. Not intuitive, I say! 8 h.

Right now I'm struggling with putting in the correct SVC handlers in web.config for a live IIS. I'm copying some svc-ISAPI and svc-Integrated lines from another web.config that I know works. I'll probably see one or more errors before this is over.

The question I'm asking is simply: What are we doing wrong?

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I don't know if this is a question or a rant, but it seems that you make estimations on a technology that you or your team are not comfortable with, then you don't test realistically your application before deploying it to consumers. – Sebastian Piu Dec 12 '10 at 17:31
There's nothing wrong with using ASMX for that sort of thing. WCF is far more powerful than ASMX overall, but ASMX is extremely well suited to the specific use case of exposing a JSON endpoint in a WebForms application. Rewriting ASMX services in WCF just because a vendor and some of its more loyal adherents tell you you're supposed to is an example of this classic mistake: – Dave Ward Dec 12 '10 at 20:09
@Dave: If you post an answer explaining that and why, preferrably with a couple of sources, the WCF Web Service is not a better solution choice in the terms of creating a JSON endpoint for in- and output... then I'll probably accept your answer. – Simeon Dec 13 '10 at 8:27
@Sebastian: It is true that my team is not comfortable with WCF after all the problems we've had. That's why I'm asking this question. I'm myself quite comfortable with it, but would like to know how to more easily develop them smoothly, without manually solving all these problems. Where in my question did you read that we don't test our applications (very strange since I'm talking development, not testing)? And if you mis-read it somewhere - what does it have to do with my question? – Simeon Dec 13 '10 at 8:51
I just understood that from ' the namespace was not accepted by the app consuming the WCF Service. Removing it took about 8 h of Google, SO and redeployment.' you got the error once the app was published, but now that I've re-read I take that it might not have been the case. – Sebastian Piu Dec 13 '10 at 17:39

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