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[name] => Array ( [1] => name#1 
                  [2] => name#2 
                  [3] => name#3 
                  [4] => name#4 
                  [5] => 
                  [6] => 
                  [7] => 
                  [8] => 
                  [9] => 

$name = $_POST['name']

I want the result to be 4.

count ($name) = 9  
count (isset($name)) = 1  
count (!empty($name)) = 1

I would think that last one would accomplish what I need, but is not. (the empty entries are from unfilled inputs on form)

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You can use array_filter to only keep the values that are non-empty in the array, like this:


Or if your filter function is more complex:

array_filter($array, function($x) { return !empty($x); });
# function(){} only works in in php >5.3, otherwise use create_function

So, to count only non-empty:

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Note that this does not just return empty elements but every element that’s value is equal to false (i.e. "", null, 0, false, "0"). – Gumbo Dec 12 '10 at 17:35

Here's a simple calculation function:

function non_empty(array $a) {
    return array_sum(array_map(function($b) {return empty($b) ? 0 : 1;}, $a));

This will preserve array indexes if your form handling function needs them, like when you're associating the third input on name to the third value of another input set, and there are empty inputs in between them.

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