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Need to find if there is a open source project for audio signal processing, just as we have openCV for image processing.


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What sound transformation/processing do you require, and what license? –  Daniel Mošmondor Dec 12 '10 at 17:59

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In my course for the more technical part, we were introduced to signal processing, we had to use Octave with the audio package and gnu plot for plotting.

gnu plot

For the fun part of the course used MaxMSP/Jitter which is a commercial project, but there's always PureData which is opensource and the Jitter equivalent would be PD Gem, but just for audio signal processing you should be fine with PureData.

Pure Data scratch

Pure Data Pink Floyd riff

In short, if you're into the number crunching bit, Octave should be fine. We also did the image processing in Octave too, it's two dimensions as opposed to one(sound), but it's still signal processing. You can apply a high-pass or a low pass filter to an image too, you can try an echo/delay on images for fun if you like.

Pure Data is a bit different, since you patch cords instead of typing lots of code, but it's pretty fun and one of the advantages is that you can make changes live, while your patch/program is running which makes it great for fast prototyping.

Straying a bit from audio signal processing, if you're into generative music, you should have a look at some opensource projects like ChucK, SuperCollider, ixi or fluxus...some do cool stuff with Haskell.


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I think I am limited to Windows. So I guess what you have suggested above also work for windows? –  user349026 Dec 13 '10 at 6:00
@Wajih Yes! Open source software usually works on Windows/Linux/OSX, which is true for the above too. –  George Profenza Dec 13 '10 at 9:12

Have a look at the answers to this question: Learning to work with audio in C++

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