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I'm trying to write an application using the UDP module included in the inetmanet framework in omnetpp. The problem is that the files that I have to include don't get included in the linking phase.

The errors are:


bedo@ethereal:~/omnetpp/samples/Basic-Broadcast-Simulation$ opp_makemake --deep -f -I../inet-sommer/src/transport/contract -I../inet-sommer/src/networklayer/contract -I../inet-sommer/src/base
Creating Makefile in /home/bedo/omnetpp/samples/Basic-Broadcast-Simulation...
Makefile created, running "make depend" to add dependencies...
opp_makedep -Y --objdirtree -I../inet-sommer/src/transport/contract -I../inet-sommer/src/networklayer/contract -I../inet-sommer/src/base -I. -Igcc-debug -Igcc-debug/src -Igcc-debug/src/flooding -Isimulations -Isimulations/bitmaps -Isimulations/results -Isrc -Isrc/flooding -f Makefile -P\$O/ --   ./*.cc gcc-debug/*.cc gcc-debug/src/*.cc gcc-debug/src/flooding/*.cc simulations/*.cc simulations/bitmaps/*.cc simulations/results/*.cc src/*.cc src/flooding/*.cc


bedo@ethereal:~/omnetpp/samples/Basic-Broadcast-Simulation$ make
g++ -c -g -Wall -fno-stack-protector    -DHAVE_PCAP -DXMLPARSER=libxml -DWITH_PARSIM -DWITH_NETBUILDER  -I../inet-sommer/src/transport/contract -I../inet-sommer/src/networklayer/contract -I../inet-sommer/src/base -I. -Igcc-debug -Igcc-debug/src -Igcc-debug/src/flooding -Isimulations -Isimulations/bitmaps -Isimulations/results -Isrc -Isrc/flooding -I/home/bedo/omnetpp/include -o out/gcc-debug//src/flooding/Flooding.o src/flooding/Flooding.cc
src/flooding/Flooding.cc: In member function ‘virtual void Flooding::handleLowerMsg(cMessage*)’:
src/flooding/Flooding.cc:82: warning: unused variable ‘m’
g++ -Wl,--export-dynamic  -Wl,-rpath,/home/bedo/omnetpp/lib -Wl,-rpath,. -o out/gcc-debug//Basic-Broadcast-Simulation  out/gcc-debug//src/flooding/Flooding.o  -Wl,--whole-archive  -Wl,--no-whole-archive -L"/home/bedo/omnetpp/lib/gcc" -L"/home/bedo/omnetpp/lib" -u _tkenv_lib -lopptkenvd -loppenvird -lopplayoutd -u _cmdenv_lib -loppcmdenvd -loppenvird  -loppsimd -ldl -lstdc++ 
out/gcc-debug//src/flooding/Flooding.o: In function `Flooding::setupLowerLayer()':
/home/bedo/omnetpp/samples/Basic-Broadcast-Simulation/src/flooding/Flooding.cc:50: undefined reference to `UDPControlInfo::UDPControlInfo()'
/home/bedo/omnetpp/samples/Basic-Broadcast-Simulation/src/flooding/Flooding.cc:52: undefined reference to `UDPSocket::generateSocketId()'
out/gcc-debug//src/flooding/Flooding.o: In function `Flooding::sendMessage()':
/home/bedo/omnetpp/samples/Basic-Broadcast-Simulation/src/flooding/Flooding.cc:101: undefined reference to `UDPControlInfo::UDPControlInfo()'
/home/bedo/omnetpp/samples/Basic-Broadcast-Simulation/src/flooding/Flooding.cc:103: undefined reference to `IPAddress::ALL_HOSTS_MCAST'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [out/gcc-debug//Basic-Broadcast-Simulation] Error 1

I really don't know why they get included, and my module compile fine, but in the linking phase I get "undefined reference".

Any idea?

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Unless there's an omnetpp expert here, this will require some back-and-forth. The makefiles are not handling the dependencies right, so that the linker doesn't link the UDP code (or at least not the part of it that Flooding needs). You could start by finding the source file containing e.g. UDPControlInfo(), and finding out if it's been compiled into an object file, and if so whether that object file's been linked into a library. –  Beta Dec 12 '10 at 20:16

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You can run nm on on all libraries you link with to see which library undefined symbols like this:

nm liboppcmdenvd.(so/a) | c++filt | grep UDPControlInfo

(c++filt demangles C++ symbols).

Library that requires the symbol will get output something like (U for Undefined):

00000000007f90a0 U UDPControlInfo

Library that defines/has the symbol will get output something like:

00000000007f90a0 T UDPControlInfo

This can be T or t

Of course, libraries you link with are indicated by arguments with starting by -l:

-lopptkenvd -loppenvird -lopplayoutd -u _cmdenv_lib -loppcmdenvd -loppenvird  
liboppcmdenvd liboppenvird  liboppsimd libUDPControlInfo
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Solved. I modified the makefile in the root directory to a simpler one, leaving all the compile and linking duties to the src's makefile.

Thanks everyone

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