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In my php/MySQL code I insert new record into a table (InnoDB) which has many UNIQUE column keys. If insertion fails (with ER_DUP_ENTRY) I need to know which column's value wasn't unique.

I was told that to achieve this, you must extract value of %d from error message you get: "Duplicate entry '%s' for key %d".

This should work but I don't like the solution. Parsing/regex matching some string gives unnecessary complexity to simple task I always try to avoid. Now the question: is this the right way to go? Isn't there any better solution?

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It is probably possible to not get just the error message but also the corresponding error code too. See for example the results for PHP functions containing errno.

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I meant error message not error code. I've changed the subject. –  spajak Dec 12 '10 at 21:24
@spajak: I guess there is no other way of doing that. But you could try sscanf as the inverse of sprintf. –  Gumbo Dec 12 '10 at 21:31

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