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Here is what I have so far, from other sample code I found online. But its not working properly, its not showing me 5 items per page.

$feed[] = simplexml_load_file(‘feeds/file.xml’);
$quantity = 5; // items to show per page.
$start = $this->uri->segment(3);
if(!$start) $start = 0;
$data[‘feed’] = array_slice($feed, $start, $quantity);
$config[‘base_url’] = base_url() . ‘welcome/feed/’;
$config[‘uri_segment’] = 3;
$config[‘num_links’] = 25;
$config[‘total_rows’] = count($feed);
$config[‘per_page’] = 5;
$data[‘pages’] = $this->pagination->create_links();

Any help would be good, thank you.

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How many items is it showing you? Also, are you calling this in your view or your controller ?? Please try and add some more description to your code. –  Shivaas Dec 13 '10 at 22:03

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$feed[] = simplexml_load_file(‘feeds/file.xml’);


$feed = simplexml_load_file(‘feeds/file.xml’);
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