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I'm trying to use a function in JavaScript (+JQuery) which is like a sound calibrator system. It starts at one frequency band, plays it, asks the user if they can hear it - then if the can it knows the lowest frequency of their system and if not it goes up to the next band and then re-checks etc. until the lowest frequency is found.

However, when I run the function, it seems to run itself twice as many times each time. From the testFreqNum alert I could see the first time it added 1 once, the second time it added 1 then added it again, third time it did it 4 times, then 8 etc.

Probably an easy error to fix - I'm new to JavaScript so maybe you can see it straight away? Thanks.

function testFreq(band, testType){

if (testType == 'testLow') {
    $('#calibrationText').html('<h5>Testing ' + freqs[band] + 'Hz...</h>');
    playSound('Tones', band);
    $('#calibrationText').html('<h5>Could you hear ' + freqs[band] + 'Hz clearly?</h>');

        bandMin = band;//sets randGen's min availible band value
        testFreqNum = 31;//sets test frequency to upper high
        testFreq(testFreqNum, 'testHigh');//runs calibrator again in high mode starting band 31


        testFreqNum = testFreqNum + 1;
        testFreq(testFreqNum, 'testLow');//runs calibrator again in low mode
    // }, 4000);

...and the rest...

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You're binding an additional click handler each time, if you want to change it, just .unbind() first, like this:


...and the same for #no, otherwise each time you call .click() you're attaching a new click event handler, but not removing the previous one, so both get executed...and an additional one added each time.

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