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I include WideImage library but resizing does not work; isntead it says 'Fatal error: Class 'wiImage' not found'


$img = wiImage::load($_FILES['image']['tmp_name']);

$res = $img->resize('50%');

imagejpeg($res, 'images/'.$_FILES['image']['name']);
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That would be because the class is called WideImage and the load call needs to be WideImage::load. You should probably read the documentation again.

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And since you're working with an upload, you can use a shortcut:

$img = WideImage::load('image')

Also, all of your code (except the include statement) can be done as a one-liner:

WideImage::load('image')->resize('50%')->saveToFile('images/' . $_FILES['image']['name']);

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From a quick look at their SourceForge page, it looks like it should be WideImage

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